Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork

Sharon Wheeler developed ScarWork, a gentle hands-on treatment for scars and adhesions which promotes far fetching and long-lasting improvements in scars and the underlying tissue, regardless of the age of the scar!

An old scar may be the missing link to unresolved chronic complaints; an epidural or a Cesarian-section may be the root cause for back pain, hip pain or even headaches.


What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a light touch therapy. Though it is not possible to completely get rid of scar tissue, it is possible to soften the tissue and integrate it into the surrounding fascial network, which brings wholeness and restores a sense of normality to the area. Scars may feel either numb or hyper-sensitive, tough, restrictive, or just uncomfortable. Many scars have been neglected or ignored for many years and some people have never touched or looked at their scar.

New scars are often sensitive to touch and if left untouched, may become even more sensitive over time and possibly aggravated with clothes rubbing against the skin, etc.

Numb areas often feel disconnected. The skin on either side of the scar may feel like it ‘doesn’t match’. (Especially following tummy tucks, breast reduction or reconstruction- where tissue from different areas was sewn together.) All these sensations can be normalised, and the area can once again become integrated and responsive following treatment.

Unseen adhesions below the surface cause structures that would normally glide past each other to stick together. These stuck areas may alter posture, restrict movement, trap nerves and blood vessels or block energy flow. Adhesions are often at the root cause of persistent pain.


Physiotherapy for hypermobility


Physiotherapy for hypermobility

What to expect with ScarWork treatment

With ScarWork, we aim to soften and change the scar tissue in order to undo these restrictions. Research has demonstrated that light touch creates the desired changes at cellular level, and this enables deep change in the 3D fascial network to take place, Hence, changes can be experienced in many different areas.

When working on scars, it is imperative to avoid pain or discomfort. It should always feel good for the client. A light and non-intrusive touch will facilitate better healing.

Emotions associated with the scar which have been trapped within the tissues (chemicals) can also be released from cell memory, thus freeing the body from the toxic burden and improving immune system.

Treatment usually lasts an hour or longer, and involves a variety of very gentle hands on skin touch techniques.  The skin around the scar will needs to be exposed, but the rest of you will be covered at all times to ensure you are warm, comfortable and feel completely safe. At the end of the session the work around the scar will be integrated within the whole body to allow the 3D tissue tension to regulate.

Treatments may be spaced up to 2-3 weeks apart to allow the body to continue the process on its own, following the session.

If you would like to talk through about how I can help you with ScarWork, please send me a message and I’ll call you back.

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