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Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

Myofascial Release Specialist Dana Bregman

Chartered Physiotherapist (BSc Hons, MCSP, HCPC)

Myofascial Release Specialist

Fully Certified Pilates Instructor (APPI)


I hold a degree in physiotherapy from the Tel Aviv University School of Physiotherapy (1989), am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and Health and Care Professions Council, and have completed a vast array of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses – see below.

With nearly 30 years in a wide variety of clinical settings, including working in leading NHS hospitals, I now work as a private practitioner providing physiotherapy, predominantly as a Myofascial Release (John F Barnes MFR) specialist.

I have an interest in persistent (chronic) pain, postural management, ergonomics, movement and hypermobility. My experience and holistic approach put me in a good place, enabling me to work well with those with complex and long term conditions. I have recently added Sharon Wheeler’s Scarwork and Bonework techniques to my tool box!

Combining my teaching skills with my passion for exercise, I am also a fully certified (APPI) Pilates instructor and teach Pilates classes and one to one sessions in Englefield Green and Egham (Surrey).

Myofascial Release Specialist

In 2009 I completed my first course on Myofascial Release or MFR, with the amazing John Annan. I was converted! Since then I have attended numerous courses and workshops on fascia which have both deepened my understanding and equipped me with more skills to refine my touch.

I find this form of hands-on intervention extremely rewarding in terms of the lasting benefits of pain relief and increased well-being to my clients, especially those with long term chronic pain which have not responded to other modalities. It also works very well with sub-acute or non-specific pain, which seems to shift about, as this is often an indication of fascial pain.

More recently in 2007, I trained with John F Barnes MFR (registered trademark) in the US. This has completely transformed my approach, enhancing the potency of my treatments immensely bringing extra dimensions to my treatment. It has been especially valuable for clients who carry old traumas, which are often subconscious, but manifest as physical pain. Physically unwinding the tissue is often the key to relieving symptoms when no other intervention has been successful.

The John F Barnes approach to MFR is based on the findings that injury, inflamation, surgery, trauma, and pain, be it physical or emotional, will cause the Fascia to react, causing restrictions. These restrictions in the fascia crush nerves and blood vessels, as well as other pain sensitive structures. The aim is to protect the body by stopping the bleeding and blocking pain messages. However, over time, if these restrictions are not released, the cells will be starved of nutrition and hydration, Toxins will be locked in the cells, movement will be restricted and pain will increase. These restrictions do not show on scans and therefore are ‘invisible ‘ to the medical profession, but are obvious to the skilled MFR therapist.

As I’m sure you are well aware, Myofascial Release is a modality which is scientifically based and fascinating research in this field is ongoing.

A recent paper published in the New York Times by the Harvard Medical School found a ‘new organ’, the biggest in the body, describing its connection and its possible influence on every cell in the body. This is what we call Fascia.

Myofascial release specialist

My Approach

Combining my intuition with learnt, hands-on skills, I develop a total body experience for my clients and use a range of myofascial release techniques and joint mobilisation, alongside education, self-management and exercises.

My sessions are an hour to an hour and a half long, and results can be noticeable immediately, giving both patient and therapist an indication that we are dealing with the right structure.

I always treat the body as a whole. Careful listening to the history, and feeling the body through gentle touch, will guide me to uncover and treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

My aim is to find the cause of pain, free fascial restrictions which may be responsible for the symptoms while aligning the body, stimulating proprioception thus increasing one’s body awareness and calming the nervous system: As recent research shows, increased body awareness is linked with a reduction in the perception of pain.

Every physiotherapy session is followed by a set of self-management techniques. I also instruct on sleeping positions, ergonomics, fascial stretches and Pilates-based exercises thus encouraging responsibility over one’s own body and empowering individuals to manage their own symptoms and prevent recurrence. An average of 6 sessions is a guideline but very long term symptoms often take longer to clear, whereas more recent pain can often be sorted in one to three sessions. The frequency of the sessions will be determined on an individual basis/ will depend on the individual.

Supporting Clients

Communication and feedback are key, so clients feel heard, respected and supported through the healing journey.

I have successfully supported many of my clients to reduce and even be free of persistent, long standing complaints such as back, neck and leg pain, frozen shoulders, headaches and jaw pain. Old injuries and internal scars which have been causing problems, have also been released, and bladder and bowel discomfort and even cramps, have been eased.

Where it was not possible to eradicate persistent pain, clients have benefited from marked reduction in pain intensity and frequency, increased range and flow of movement, improved sleep and energy levels, vitality, and a sense of well being.

Over the last 13 years, I have focused on refining my touch and ‘listening skills’ which enable me to identify fascial restrictions in the body and support the body in unwinding.

My extensive knowledge and training as a physiotherapist, and my ongoing interest in the new trends in science and mind-body connections and energy work, enable me to support and direct my clients in exploring further avenues which will support their healing journey.

Working in Mental Health has also sharpened my insight into the relationship between mind and body, and I am able to draw on both physical and psychological strategies to inspire and motivate.

I am experienced at adapting exercises to suit clients of different age groups and abilities. I teach Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, particularly for those recovering from back pain or other injuries, for those with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis and also for those recuperating from a long-term illness, whether mental or physical.

I believe that education is crucial in motivating and empowering people to take control over their health and well-being. My personal approach and enthusiasm has earned excellent results with both young and old.


I have attended numerous CPD courses on fascia and Visceral Manipulation taught by some of the leading figures in the field, including Robert Schleip of Ulm University, a renowned Rolfer, yoga teacher and researcher, and John F Barnes, Physiotherapist, international lecturer, author and authority on Myofascial Release, and a visionary of the highest caliber.

Pending CPD courses:

  • Dec 2022 – MFR Cervical Thoracic – John F Barnes, USA
  • Dec 2022 – Advanced Unwinding – John F Barnes, USA
  • Dec 2022 – Fascia-Cranium – John F Barnes, USA (repeat)


BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, Tel Aviv, 1989

Myofascial Training and more…

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  • Not by Muscles and Ligaments Alone, The Importance of Fascial Articulation for Understanding the Locomotion System. Dr. Juap Van Der Val, (May 2011)
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  • Myofascia Release 1, John F Barnes,  Georgia, USA (August 2022) (repeat)
  • Myofascia Release 2, John F Barnes,  Georgia, USA (August 2022) (repeat)
  • Myofascial Unwinding, John F Barnes, Georgia, USA (August 2022) (repeat)


  • Hypermobility and EDS, Isobel Night, Southfields Physiotherapy Clinic (May 2016)
  • Masterclass: Advance Practice in hypermobility, Dr Jane Simmonds. UCL/ Great Ormond St Hospital (June 2017)
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  • Ongoing training: Therapeutic Coaching, Alex Howard and Anna Dutchinsky, Optimal Health Clinic, online 18 month Certification, Jan 2021- ongoing


Fully Certified Pilates Instructor, APPI, 2007


  • Modified Pilates for Physiotherapists, Matwork Level 1, APPI (September 2006)
  • Modified Pilates for Physiotherapists, Matwork Level 2&3 APPI (March 2007)
  • Modified Pilates for Rehabilitation: Class Instructor Training. APPI (January 2007)
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  • Pilates for Hypermobility, Glen Withers, APPI (September 2017)
  • APPI  on Tour – Glen Withers, Oxford (November 2017)
  • APPI Pilates conference  – London (November 2018)

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