Elderly Care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Having worked in mental health services for the elderly, acute hospital settings and in Care Homes and a wheelchair service for many years, I am very experienced in supporting those with physical or mental illness (including dementia), and in motivating to rehabilitate after surgery, injury or falls.

Sessions can be arranged at home for balance work and falls prevention, pain relief and rehabilitation, as well as supporting carers in order to make the task of caring more manageable. I also hold more traditional exercise and falls prevention classes for groups.

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and falls prevention for elderly people


Aching joints and weakened muscles can slow one down and often restrict every day activities. Sitting or resting for long period of time causes the soft tissues to stiffen, so getting up again and walking around can be painful.

The less active you are, the weaker you become.

Weak and unfit muscles use more energy making one short of breath. but more importantly, weak muscles are less likely to support you in case of a fall.

Fear of falling is one of the main factors which affect posture, gait, and inhibit movement. This is a vicious circle which is difficult to break without guidance.

I have worked for many years in the mental health services for the elderly, in acute hospital settings, in care homes, in a wheelchair service, and in the community, supporting those dealing with physical or mental illness (including dementia), motivating and rehabilitating following surgery, injury or falls.

Physiotherapy for the elderly

Falls prevention exercises

For falls prevention exercises, this is a great resource from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to get started. Click here to watch the video.
***For your safety, you are advised to hold on to a sink or heavy arm chair for support.

Supporting carers

I advise carers on the most appropriate handling techniques to assist in various situations involving walking aids, wheel chairs, and other aids and adaptations which can make the task of caring more manageable.

Further to one on one support with carers, I also regularly run Manual Handling training sessions with volunteers at the Wimbledon Guild. Please contact me for more details.

Exercise Groups: Movement to music and pilates

As well as individual sessions, I also hold fun classes which include traditional exercise classes, seated exercises and falls prevention for the elderly including ‘Movement to Music’. My sessions are proven to improve balance, strength and flexibility whilst enhancing relaxation and general well-being.

You may also be interested in my Pilates classes for the over 60s and osteoporosis.

Physiotherapy for the elderly movement to music

If you would like to talk through about how I can support you, an elderly friend or relative, or a carer, please send me a message and I’ll call you back.

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