Is Pilates For You?

Whether you are slowly recovering from injury or surgery, or looking to improve your core so you can work safely in the gym, pushing weights or spinning, the benefits of Pilates can help your body and your mind in many ways.

I have been teaching Pilates continuously for over 15 years and have trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, APPI.

I am certified to teach Modified Pilates, aimed at preventing and treating a range of postural and musculo-skeletal conditions by retraining the core stabilizers to support the joints during every day activities.

My Pilates classes are gentle and safe yet challenging, where you can work at your own pace even as part of a class.

Pilates for health and recovery

For those recovering from previous injury, exercise will promote recovery and reduce reoccurrence of pain by targeting muscle imbalance or weakness around the affected area.

People with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia benefit from a class in which contraindications are carefully observed. A safe workout is aimed at stimulating bone regeneration, strengthening muscles, improving posture and most importantly, balance.

One fantastic outcome is improved posture which is key in reducing pain. With regular practice your muscles become longer and leaner and you feel and look taller, which carries great benefits to one’s self esteem!

Pilates for mind and body

My classes are designed to give a challenging, yet balanced work out at a pace which allows one to concentrate the mind and truly feel the body and the movement so you become aware of the correct patterns movement, which will then carry over from exercises to everyday life.

An increased awareness of where you are in space has been proven to reduce ones experience of pain!

I focus on the breathing, not only because it aids the movement but also as it adds to the sense of relaxation, leaving you feeling revitalised after a good work out.

Benefits of pilates movement and flow

Pilates for movement and flow

Constant verbal cueing with attention to detail, combined with huge variation in exercises, brings renewed focus to each exercise and increases ones experience of the body through movement.

In line with more recent fascial fitness ideas, I often end my Pilates classes with free flow reciprocal movements which help reconnect all the fascial web and restore synergy, flow and lightness to movement, so that one leaves the class with a restored bounce in their step.

One to one sessions and classes

If you are new to Pilates, It is often very useful to have some individual input in order to ensure you get the most out of it. You may be interested in my one to one sessions or forming a mini class at your home with a spouse or friend.

I work in Engelfield Green, Egham and Virginia Water in Surrey.

I run several classes for both general groups and also more specialist classes for those with osteoporosis / Pilates for the over 60s and  antenatal Pilates.

Click here to read more about my Pilates classes and one to one sessions

Benefits of pilates one to one sessions


Today I played golf after Pilates. I have never played on the same day as I do Pilates. Wow! What a difference! I played so much better: was so loose! Now I know to really stretch well before playing.A D
Dana is an outstanding Pilates instructor. Her classes are always varied and challenging. She is encouraging while gently correcting participants to ensure that her classes are 100% safe. Dana is up to the minute on recent trends and research in the field and integrates her knowledge in continually developing the exercises and technique. She creates a warm relaxed non-competitive atmosphere in which everyone feels able to work to their own level. I have attended Dana’s classes for over five years, and, as a result, my posture is improved, I am less prone to aches and pains and injury, and I am generally stronger and fitter.
Lucy Hammond
I have been to many pilates classes with many instructors. Dana’s class is by far the best!Valerie, Runnymede
I first met Dana, nearly two years ago when I was sixty five and was attending my first ever Pilates class. I was very impressed by her very concise, clear manner when giving instruction. She demonstrates keen observation skills and provides constructive, sensitive feedback to both individuals and to the class as a whole. Her demonstration of poses is verbalised, to ensure that everyone is clear as to how they should move and which part of the anatomy will be strengthened as a result.

The class lasts for one and a quarter hours and at the end of that period of concentrated movement, one feels that the body is ‘well oiled’ and released of all tension. The high rate of regular attendance to the session is testament to Dana’s warm highly professional approach.

When I started my classes I had problems with my back. Dana gave me deep fascia massage and showed me how to adjust my posture. I had an operation a few months later and now my back is really strong as I have been attending weekly classes.
Pauline Wilson

If you would like to talk through about how Pilates can help, please send me a message and I’ll call you back.

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