Your Privacy

Privacy policy

I, Dana Bregman, physiotherapist, respect your privacy and treat the information you choose to share with me in strict confidence.

Your name, address, email and phone number may be stored on my personal device, which is password protected, and will be used only to contact you directly regarding physiotherapy intervention.

You will be contacted via a mode of your choice (email, text, phone call).

Further information which you volunteer to share during the assessment and follow on sessions, will be respected and regarded in strict confidence. Documentation will be kept in paper form, in line with Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) guidelines and held securely in a locked cabinet, in line with the latest requirements.

Your data or any further personal information will not be shared with any other party, unless you specifically request such sharing, e.g. a report to a consultant, other professional or insurance company*. In this instance, you will receive the letter/ report yourself for your own benefit and be required to forward a copy to the professional of your choice.

*Some insurance companies require direct online communication via a secure web page.

No data will be shared with third-parties for marketing purposes.

May 2018